Mortgage Products

Fixed Rate Mortgages

  • Available for primary residences, second homes and construction loans.  Offered on 1-4 family houses and condominiums.

  • Provides consistent month-to-month payments at a rate that remains constant throughout the life of the loan.

  • Protection from interest rate increases.

  • Consistent monthly principal and interest payments.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

  • Flexible repayment options that include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.

  • Held in-house and payments can be made directly at your nearest HRCU location.

  • Lower initial interest rate, lower monthly payment. 

  • A great option if you don't plan on staying in a house long.

Home Equity Loans

A great way to use the equity in your home to make home improvements, pay for college or medical expenses or take that much needed vacation.

  • Lines of Credit - Borrow what you need when you need it. Convienent, flexible, easy!

  • Term Loans - Fixed rate and payment, no suprises!

  • Special offers available, call for details.

           Choose "cash-out refinance" when applying.

Second and Vacation Home Loans

Whether you like lakes, mountains, beaches, country cabins, activity-filled or quiet and relaxing vacations...

  • Seasonal and year-round loan options available. 

  • We offer both fixed and variable rate mortgages.

Construction Loans

At HRCU we understand that building a home can sometimes be overwhelming. We also know that after months of hard work and dedication there is nothing quite as satisfying as walking through your front door and thinking, “This is my home.”

  • One-time closing

  • Interest only during 9 month construction phase

  • Finance up to 80% of the value of completed home

Investment Loans

Interested in the potential to generate additional income?  HRCU offers residential financing non-owner occupied options. 

  • Residential 1-4 unit properties

  • Fixed and variable rates available.

Land Loans

Whether you’re looking to expand your property or find that perfect plot of land to build on, we have options that suit your needs.

  • Finance up to 70% of the value.

  • Fixed rates.

  • Land must be vacant and buildable.


Manufactured Home Loans

If you’re looking to start out small for your first home purchase or are looking to downsize for retirement, consider an HRCU manufactured home loan.

  • Homes must be 15 years old or newer on their own land.

  • Finance up to 75% of the value.

  • Variable rate mortgages available.